12 Quay Ferry Terminal Design Check

Category: Ship Design


Design of Greenwater Protection Screens retrofit over the full length of the exposed main deck, Port and Starboard, for protection of the main deck process equipment from greenwater sea damage.


Due to screens provided post construction, no welding to deck was permitted. This required utilisation of a variety of main deck structures for support.

Screens provided with vents to prevent build-up of gases in way of the Main deck and clearance of seawater from the main deck. Slip Joints provided in the screens to accommodate ship longitudinal bending.

Designed for 100yr storms, including, icing, fatigue, wave impacts, blasts. Design allows ready assembly and disassembly on location

Main Dimensions

Screen Height = 4.25m above main deck
Standard Length Each Panel = 7.50m
Overall Screen Length (P&S) = 156.2m

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  • Project

    Balder FPU Greenwater Potection

  • Location

    Vessel: Balder Field, North Sea
    Post Outfit: Greenock, Scotland

  • Client

    Sir J H. Biles (Naval Services) working for Aker Maritime. Ultimate Client: ESSO Norge

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