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Historical Review
Alluvial Dredges Limited was formed in 1935 by Lobnitz & Company of Renfrew, specifically to design dredges for the recovery of alluvial minerals. In 1960 Lobnitz & Company merged with the neighbouring specialist company of W. Simons Limited to form Simons-Lobnitz Limited, a company of international standing with a cumulative history of dredge designing dating back some 150 years. The historical link with Simons-Lobnitz Limited provides Alluvial Dredges Limited with design and construction records dating back to the turn of the century.

Lobnitz & Company and Simons-Lobnitz Limited were the World's forerunners in the design and construction of mineral dredges and equipment. For example, the first gold dredge in Ghana, the first gold dredge in British Guiana and the first tin dredge in the Far East (in Thailand) were designed and constructed by these firms.

Alluvial Dredges Limited was re-established in 1970 on an independent basis with an exclusive franchise to carry on the international alluvial dredge mining design and manufacturing business for the former Simons-Lobnitz Company. This involved the transfer of the basic Simons-Lobnitz Limited team specialising in the international mineral dredging sphere to Alluvial Dredges Limited.

The company in its present form is considered to be, and is accepted as, the present day successor of Simons-Lobnitz in all matters pertaining to the Alluvial dredge field. In the period since 1970, Alluvial Dredges Limited has successfully undertaken supply and consultancy contracts in Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Burma, Malaysia, New Zealand, Peru, Philippines, Sri Lanka, United States, Indonesia and Ghana.


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