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Group Philosophy
Lobnitz Marine Holdings Ltd is a privately owned and totally independent group of companies based in the West of Scotland comprising, Alluvial Dredges Limited, Clark & Standfield Limited, and Seadrec Limited.

Combining the knowledge and experience of the core companies gives Lobnitz Marine Holdings a unique range of services to the marine industry, associated civil works interface and to engineering projects in general. Recognising the importance of understanding the clients requirements for his specific project, has led Lobnitz Marine Holdings to adopt a ‘listen and collate’ approach on receipt of a new enquiry. This means assessing the information forwarded and entering into dialog with the potential client to determine if Lobnitz Marine Holdings can provide a comprehensive suitable service before entering into any formal agreement.

World travel is a natural occurrence for the staff members of the Group and ensures the collection of technical information from all corners of the world, which in turn provides ‘hands on’ awareness to our consultancy services. This is an important compliment to the theoretical and technical capabilities of the varied staff disciplines and represents a rather unique consultancy capability.

World travel also provides the group with regular contact with international funding agencies such as World Bank, Asian Development Bank, the United Nations Development Programme, etc., many of whom the group is registered with. Therefore Lobnitz Marine Holdings is in a position to provide, and has provided, technical and commercial services to private clients, government bodies and international organisations world wide, in an expansive range of projects.

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