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Products designed or manufactured by the Lobnitz Group include:


Civil & Marine Structures


Dredge Equipment

Dock gates
Ferry terminals ( Pontoons & ramps)
Floating docks
Floating jetties & pontoons
Floating structures
Hydraulic canal lifts
Ship lifts
Shiprepair yards


Auger dredges
Bucket Line Dredges
Bucket line dredges with mineral recovery treatment plant
Bucket wheel dredges
Cutter suction dredges
Dipper dredges
Dustpan dredges
Grab dredges
Sand & gravel dredges
Split Trailing hopper dredges
Trailing suction hopper dredges
Booster stations - Floating
Booster stations - Land based
Dredging systems & components
Dredge pumps
Floating mineral recovery treatment plants
Loading towers
Mobile mineral recovery treatment plants
Sluice valves

Ships & Marine Craft

Cargo ships
Container ships
Crane barges
Fishing boats
Harbour craft
Hopper barges
Jack up rigs
Work boats
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