Barge Conversion to Hopper Dredger

Category: Dredgers


Conversion of a hopper barge hull into a Suction Hopper Dredger for recovery of sand and gravel from Loch Neagh, Northern Ireland.


Hopper barge conversion from a steel hull that had been stripped of all machinery or electrical installation, outfit and no superstructure.

Conversion involved structural condition survey, material renewals, design and supply of dredging equipment, design of new superstructures, propulsion system, electrical systems, inclining tests, stability booklet, strength assessment, launching, etc.

Main Dimensions

Length Overall = 47.57m
Hopper Capacity 298 cum.

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  • Project

    Barge Conversion to Hopper Dredger

  • Location

    Loch Neagh, Northern Ireland, UK

  • Client

    Readymix NI

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