Mobile Gold & Diamond Recovery Jig Plants

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A.D.L. have developed a range of Mobile Gold and Diamond Recovery Jig Plants. Every self contained plant is designed to comply with the requirement of the client's roject and incorporates the very lastest mineral seperation technology thus ensuring maxumim recovery efficiency for minimum investment.

The complete plant is either mounted on skids or a floating pontoon system and can be designed to treat a feed of between 15 and 150 cubic metres per hour of minus 10mm prescreened undersize material.

The Principal Characteristics of the Dredge are:

Primary Jig = 4 Segments of a 6.4m dia A.D.L. radial jig
Secondary Jig = 2 cell 1.2m x 1.1m A.D.L. rectangular jig
Tertiary Jig = 2 cell 0.6m x 0.6m A.D.L. rectangular jig
Primary Concentrate Pump = 80mm bore delivery 30 cu.m/hr @ 8m head
Secondary Concentrate Pump = 50mm bore delivery 20 cu.m/hr @ 8m head
Installed Power = 20 kw
Weight Empty = 23 t

Plant supplied in modular form to comply with the clients requirements

Mobile Gold & Diamond Recovery Jig Plants Drawing

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    Mobile Gold & Diamond Recovery Jig Plants

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