Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger, 2750 cu.m.

Category: Dredgers


Design and supply of loading towers, dredge pump, overside drag arm and gear, hopper dump doors and hopper suction doors for a 2750 cu.m. trailing suction hopper dredger.


Sand and gravel trailing suction hopper dredger equipped for both dry discharge and wet discharge. Dry discharge by means of a bucket wheel unloader.

Bottom Dump doors provided, enabling vessel to operate at a reduced (dredging) freeboard. Vessel built by IHC De Merwede, Netherlands.

Main Dimensions

Hopper Capacity 2750 cu.m.
Length Overall 115.94m


Time lapse of Collins class submarine docking and shore transfer:

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    Design and supply of dredging equipment for 2750 cu.m. sand and gravel trailing suction hopper dredger.

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    RMC Group (now taken over by CEMEX UK Marine Ltd)

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